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Just before college, Ray won first place in the "National Pen Women Competition" for his fictional short story, Distinction, as well as winning second place in the New York "Best of City - The Written Word". While attending college, Ray Melnik's course on existential literature opened a whole new world for him with the study of writers such as Sartre and Camus.

He pursued a musical career as a singer and lyricist after leaving college. In the early 1980s he was the lead singer for One Hand Clap and then Fine Malibus with Steve Stevens, who later went on to be guitarist and song writer for Billy Idol. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Ray was the recording engineer and co-owner of MANNIK Productions, a recording studio in the Snug Harbor Cultural Center, Staten Island, New York. In addition to lyrics, Ray, wrote a monthly column about pro audio for a local music trade magazine, American Liverpool.

Later moving into the field of technology as a network engineer, he wrote for the technology panel of a regional newspaper, Times Herald Record, and was the primary writer of articles based on home technology for the website New Technology Home. Ray is currently a Senior Network Architect in New York City, New York..

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Earlier Photos and Music Samples

Music Samples

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Looks Like YouMy Life IF Don't Make Me Wait

Blind Lead Blind See Me Any Way I Can No One For Us But Us

Why Me Be Your One Here and Now

Please keep in mind that these samples are from the late 80's and early 90s

Here are some cover songs recorded in 2014 - CLICK HERE

For the cover songs - Music is purchased on iTunes with lead vocals by Ray Melnik

Video of a rehearsal for the "Sid Bernstein Show"


Marsha Mandel and Ray Melnik in their recording studio called 'Mannik Productions' in 1989

Snug Harbor Cultural Center
Staten Island, New York



Ray Melnik and Marsha Mandel

Snug Harbor Cultural Center
Staten Island, New York


Below: Ray Melnik, Jeff Thall, Mike D'Agastino, Marsha Mandel and Joe Nagengast in an original band from Staten Island-New York , called "Liberty". This photo was taken at Snug Harbor Cultural Center in 1986.

Video - Left in Pieces


Below: Dave Gravino, Ray Melnik, Marsha Mandel, Joe Nagengast and Jon Ihle in an original progressive rock band from Staten Island-New York , called "Civil Tongue". This photo was taken at "Wave Street" March 18th, 1984.

"Civil Tongue" 1984 Ray Melnik, Marsha Mandel, Joe Nagengast, Dave Gravino and Jon Ihle

Port Richmond, Staten Island,
New York

Earlier Still

Below: Mike Seay, Steve Stevens, Ray Melnik and Ed Kirkpatrick, in an original band from New York City, called "Fine Malibus". This photo was taken while recording an album for Island Records at Compass Point Studios, Bahamas in 1981.

Below: Ray Melnik and Steve Stevens at a live concert on Long Island in a cover band called "One Hand Clap" 1979. Steve Stevens is the lead guitar player and song writer for Billy Idol since the album, Rebel Yell.

"One Hand Clap" Steve Stevens and Ray Melnik

Below: March 30.1978 at The Rising Sun, Yonkers, New York - "One Hand Clap" Richie, Ray, Chris

Below: Tony Noie, Ray Melnik, Jon Ihle and Wayne Valenti, in a band from Staten Island, called "Tusk". This photo was taken at a Christmas show in the West Shore Inn, Travis, Staten Island. (year unknown)
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